My Story   Working with other artists as an art consultant for a fine art gallery brought her attention back to her original desire to be an artist.    After years in the gallery a  phone call came that moved her personal vision into reality.  Her daughter called from college to say she needed help with a painting assignment.  Debbie collected her old paint supplies from the attic. They painted  all weekend. Once her daughter returned to school, she soon realized what she felt was undeniable. The brush felt so natural in her hand and dipping into the paint was pure joy.  Hours felt like minutes and the daily practice came with ease because there were 30 years stored away waiting to be done. Within a year she had completed over a hundred paintings and was planning for her first show. Her support system was diverse and her art journey began.

Process  The switch from oils to acrylic happened quickly after trying the modern medium. The quick drying  properties of acrylic allowed the freedom to explore the nuances of color and layering without waiting. Spontaneous and varied brush marks emphasize her perspective and attraction to arches, curves and overlapping shapes in the landscape.. Creating dynamic works on canvas keeps her challenged as she continues her art journey. 

Bio   Debbie was born in Tennessee in 1955. She lives and works as an artist in Columbia, South Carolina.  Her first gallery show was in 2003. She is represented by galleries in North and South Carolina and her work has been acquired by private and corporate collectors across the US.

Exhibitions and Galleries

2014   Friesen Gallery, Ketchum Idaho
Group Show: Filtered Exhibit 2014
2010 - 2017

Mitchell Hill, Charleston SC

The Vendue February 2016/ Charleston  Select Artists

Group Shows  Art for Charity Annual Show

Duo Exhibit 2012  Susan Colwell

2010 - 2017 Westend Interiors, West Columbia SC 
2008 - 2017 I. Pinckney Simons Gallery, Beaufort SC
Group Shows 2013 - 2014
Southern Living Home  Habersham, SC  2009
Duo Exhibit November 2009  Elena Madden and Debbie Martin
2008 - 2016 ArtSource Fine Art, Raleigh NC
Group Show Spring 2015
A New Light Duo Exhibit 2014
Expressions of Color Duo Exhibit 2012 Eva Carter and Debbie Martin
2003 - 2017 Ellen Taylor Design/Gallery, Columbia SC
Artista Vista and Vista Lights Solo and Group Shows 2003 - 2016 
2003 - 2009 Cameo Fine Art, Columbia SC
Solo Show 2003, 2005, 2008 
2005 - 2017 Erin Galloway Interiors, Blythewood, Columbia SC
Solo Shows 2006 - 2016 
2004 - 2007 Bus Stop Gallery, Columbia SC 
2004 - 2008 Nancy Farish Fine Art, Columbia SC 

Publications and Awards

  • Columbia Metropolitan Magazine, July, August, September 2011
  • Charleston Style and Design, Fall 2012, Spring 2012
  • Palmetto Twin Award /Arts 2014
  • Charleston Art Mag Summer Edition 2016

Charity Events and Silent Auctions

  • Mitchell Hill Art for Charity
  • American Heart Association
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Life Chance Columbia Classical Ballet
  • Dining with Friends Columbia